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【Notice】We will be opened and execute our tours from 21st Jun. You can book form now on. We take all possible measures against infectious diseases (eg: air ventilation, disinfecting tour items).

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  • Sunset SUP
  • Day Kayak
  • Day SUP
  • Mangrove Kayak
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  • Charter Plan

Time Table for Sunset Tours

*Please be careful not to be late for the meeting time.
*Finish time may be delayed by 15 minutes.

  • Chula ChulaChulaChula -Ishigaki Outdoor Tours-

    Address 1124-1, Nagura, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa, 907-0021, Japan
    Phone +81-50-5362-7282 (Call from Japan 050-5362-7282)
    Facility Parking lots, Restroom, Rest area
    Our crews have Kayak and SUP guide Licenses. Pick up service from the city area is available. (Except the daytime course from July to October) Free to rent : Waterproof bag, Flip-flop and Hat.

    Some of our tour guides speak English and some of our staff speak just a little English. But don’t worry we guarantee your safety and the most enjoyable tour for foreigners. 

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